Hi 🙂

I am Poca..

I am an Secondlife Blogger since Feb. 2016 and i love to blog. All my Pictures are made by myself and i try, to focus on an HD and high level Blogger.

I started like every other Blogger, without any knownledge about blogging, but in those past almost 4 years, i worked hard on my PS Skills and tried, to be an better Blogger. I am proud of myself, to get those awesome Sponsors, i listed in my Sponsors Sites.

If you like my work, feel free to contact me, or leave an reply on every post you like.

I would like to see you follow me of course.

Thanks for all the support through the past almost 4 Years.

As you know, as an Blogger we dont have an really ME in Secondlife, but this picture is mostly this me, i would be, if i am not a blogger 🙂

last first kiss2

If you need me to find on other social media channels, i am on Facebook too.


Also i need to mention here, that i am german. I am able to write and talk in english, if neccessary.

With love .poca.